Chaplin Williams Rentals will pay you $100 for every referral you send that converts to a customer. Just send your referral’s contact information to and Chaplin Williams Rentals will handle all the marketing for you. Here’s the best part . . . once we convert your referral to a customer we’ll automatically send you $100! Send as many referrals as you like . . . there is no payout limit!


The Chaplin Williams Rental Team

Some interesting information:

2011 sales year to date Nassau County MLS
#1 Prudential Chaplin Williams Realty $42,532,604
#2 Coldwell Banker $37,062,949

2010 sales year to date Nassau County MLS
#1 Prudential Chaplin Williams Realty $32,723,866
#2 Coldwell banker $27,979,318

2011 Units sold year to date Nassau County MLS
#1 Palm Three Realty with 194 units sold
#2 Prudential Chaplin Williams Realty with 176 units sold

Year to date sales all Nassau MLS
2010 $244,305,474
2011 $254,306,036

Notable in house activity:
21 PCWRE agents with sales over 1 million dollars this year!

Then call the main office and ask for Brian. He will schedule a remote support session with you and install the new printer.


We will be having two printer install sessions at our Downtown office. If you would like to be able to use the printer at this location please make sure to attend either time. The sessions are:

Tuesday @ 11AM
Wednesday @ 2PM

After Wednesday the existing printer will not longer be available.

We did it again!

August 10, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Dee and Hugh welcome you for drinks, conversation and to participate in the filming of our first live action commercial shoot!

We would like to see everyone there so that the entire Chaplin Williams Family can be in the spot.

Where:  The Chaplin House on Centre Street

When:  July 20th @ 5:30PM until 7PM

Attire:  To be in the commercial (and we want everyone in it) please wear a white shirt and kaki pants or skirt.

More information will be presented at our agent meets.  But we want to get the word our now so you can make plans to be there.

We’re asking all Prudential Chaplin Williams Realty Agents and Employees and Chaplin Williams Rental Employees to be present.

Facebook a fad?

March 23, 2010 | 1 Comment

If you don’t believe Facebook is a big deal and feel you can leave it out of your real estate marketing strategy . . . please see the below graphic.  (click the thumbnailto view)


We’ve been working on several internet media projects lately, one of which is converting our website to a new platform.  During this upgrade we’ve decided to spruce up the Agent Bio section.  Since launching our new site this section is receiving much more attention from visitors.

In order to capitalize on these viewers we’ve decided to rewrite the Agent Bio section in a standardized way.  Below are headings that each bio will have.  Please fill out these headings and email me your information.  We would like to see everyone in the company included in the Agent section.   Deadline is Jan. 15th for inclusion with future updates happening quarterly.

If you do not have social media accounts please leave them blank.

BIO Headings:

Full Name: (self explanatory)

Title and Professional Designations: (Associate Realtor, E-pro, GRI)

Biography:  (at least a full paragraph about your professional experience and why someone should choose you)

Geographic Area Served:  (list your farm area.  Try to avoid “all of Nassau county” as it is less powerful than “Oceanfront and Island residences throughout Amelia Island, including the communities of Summer Beach and Amelia Island Plantation”.)

Office Phone Number: 904-261-9311

Mobile Phone Number: (self explanatory)

Linked In Profile:

Facebook Profile:

Twitter Profile:


Remember deadline is Jan. 15th for inclusion.  However the sooner the better.